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I really, really HATE it when I have an idea in my head that I cannot execute on paper. This weekend, I came up with some amazing ideas that I wanted to create for Valentine's Day 2024, and within the first 5 minutes, I messed that up all by neglecting the gifts that the man upstairs has given me.

I have been letting my camera gather dust, not because I don't like photography/art directing anymore, but because my time is being spent on things I don't like, such as my 9-5 job. It feels like a trap because my 9-5 helps me buy these products, but it also consumes so much of my time that I don't get to even barely use them. I really try not to make excuses for myself because you could also say that I haven't made the time to really nurture my gifts either. It is frustrating AF, and the cracks are starting to show.

I am the only one who can get myself out of the "hood." I am the only one who can perfect my skills; I am the only one who can hold myself accountable. Not you reading this, not my friends or family, not even the man upstairs. ME, DS mother-fucking G!

I'm not going to let this stop me, though. I'm just going to complain, cry about it, doubt myself, look back at the things I have done, remind myself who TF I am and who I can be, and pick myself up again. Oh, and practice by using Yoda as my test model.

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