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It's officially day 70 of 365 of posting every single day on social media, and I DID IT. Let me tell you, there were some close calls where I had only 4 minutes left of the day to post, but I managed every single time.

I have to be honest with you though, I missed a day (or two) on YouTube because I just completely forgot, but I didn't let it defeat me. Chow from "The Hangover" would have asked me "But did you die?". However, I didn’t miss a single day on TikTok and Instagram.

Interestingly, I went viral on the 66th day, which coincided with Ghana's 67th Independence Day, with a video of me in Ghana, which was a great feeling, minus the Molotov.

What I've learned from posting every day is to BE PREPARED. Know what theme you want to go with and stick to it. You can't jump on EVERY trend, and that’s okay! Another trend will come along that's probably more fitting for your niche. Once you're dedicated to a niche, coming up with ideas becomes easier because you know what your audience expects from you. If you NEED a break, take a break - it's not THAT deep cause these platforms ain't going anywhere!

Now, remember when I mentioned how long it takes to build a habit? If not, this is showing me you don't keep up with my blog! But if you're new here, it takes about 66 days. And here I am on day 70, Sunday, 10th March 2024, at 9:28 PM, in my bedroom, listening to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida."

Don't get it twisted, there's a part of me that's asking whether to keep going and post daily or take a break, but I have to continue because I can't reward doing the bare minimum like I have been for many moons. I want to see a difference in my life and for me it starts here.

So if you haven't already, make sure to follow me on all platforms: TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and let me know what habits you have started and how it's going by leaving a comment or dropping me a message.

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