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Making the CUT:How I Became a CapCut Template Creator

Have you ever wondered how people get those cool templates on TikTok and who creates them? Look no further!

CapCut Creator

Earlier this year, CapCut launched the CapCut Template Creator Program for the first time in the UK, and I managed to join it.

The program offers a platform for individuals to showcase their video editing skills and earn money by creating professional-quality templates.

Creating templates on the CapCut Template Creator Program aligns perfectly with my interests, allowing me to concentrate on my photography while leveraging my design and trend-spotting skills. All the design I've created can be shared while potentially earning cash for each qualifying template and additional bonuses based on performance​.

Recently, I've focused on featuring polaroids, which have been a crucial element in my photography journey in 2023. To honour this, I created these templates as a tribute to the iconic polaroid style. This not only reflects my personal growth as a photographer but also brings a nostalgic and timeless feel to my work. It's my way of acknowledging the significant role polaroids have played in shaping my artistic vision and technique. Below, are just some of the templates I have created so far.

To use the templates featured, simply click HERE

CapCut Creator Uses

My aim is to craft templates that are universal and resonate with anyone who uses CapCut and TikTok regularly, all while enhancing my skills in graphic design along the way.

So far, I've achieved over 100 uses for one of my initial templates since joining. Each month, I plan to create new templates for everyone's creative posts, all while maintaining the theme of my photography and style.

Joining the CapCut Creator Program is straightforward – just apply through their app. It's a great platform to develop cool templates, build an audience, refine your design skills, and earn an income.

Don't forget to follow my CapCut profile and use my latest templates!

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