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How the Sony A6400 Transformed My Selfies into a Career in Photography

Introduced to me by Karim, the owner of Colourful Money Clothing and a friend, the Sony A6400 camera literally changed the direction of my life. Little did he know that lending me the camera for the day would be the start of my career in self-portrait photography. I always took self-portraits using my phone, and people would still ask, 'Who took that photo?' So, imagine once I finally learn how to use the Sony A6400, who will be asking me that question and booking me to shoot their portrait?

Using the Sony A6400, even just once, inspired me to elevate my photography. It's an investment, sure, but totally worth it for anyone serious about growing their skills in photography.

Sony A6400 with Sony E PZ 18-105mm Lens
The Sony A6400

Take advantage of the sales periods to purchase the Sony A6400 camera; you may be able to get it at a lower price than I did. You can find and purchase it HERE and start mastering it to enhance your style and skills. Who knows? This camera may just be the beginning of a fulfilling photography career.

As you become more familiar with the Sony A6400, you might find yourself wanting to explore additional photography tools. I'll be sharing more about the gadgets that have helped me in future posts, so stay tuned!

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