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Never did I think I would link Airbnb and photographers in the same sentence, but alas, here we are.

I needed some photos taken, and to be honest, I didn't want to take my own for once, especially while abroad. I wanted to work with someone who was eager to take the photo, instead of forcing my boyfriend. So, I went online and typed in 'Milan photographers,' and Airbnb popped up.

Airbnb offers experiences where you can hire someone for £69 per hour to take your holiday snaps. This means no asking your boyfriend to take photos you're going to hate, no trusting strangers to take a photo and hoping they don't steal your phone while doing it, and no carrying extra luggage through the airport.

I decided to choose Davide because his style was exactly the look I was going for, and he delivered just that!

Seeing the results of these photos inspired me immensely. I want to be able to capture people's photos in the same way Davide did mine, and evoke the same feelings of awe and joy I experienced when I first saw them straight from the camera.

If you're ever in Milan, Italy, and wish to work with Davide, you can find him directly on Instagram at IG:DAVIDE.PROSELLI. Check out my latest TikTok to learn how to book a photographer abroad using Airbnb Experiences!

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