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At Your Rawest...

In today's world, it's become the norm to use filters on every photo we post. We've grown accustomed to smoothing out our skin, enhancing our features, and hiding our imperfections. But what if we challenged ourselves to break free from this habit and post a photo with no makeup or filters?

There's something incredibly liberating about embracing your true self and showing it to the world without any masks or filters. DSG's black and white photos, taken on the Sony A6400, perfectly capture this sense of liberation. With a random tribal wall in South London as a backdrop, a reflector, and a touch of Vaseline, DSG has managed to capture herself in a way that she had hidden for years. Her photos serve as a powerful reminder that we don't need to rely on makeup or filters to feel beautiful, and that sometimes, the most natural version of ourselves is the most stunning.

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